Cep 707 Collective Agreement

Please note that when calling or e-mailing benefit reps, the waiting time to respond is not always immediate. Expect about 24-48 hours for a response. WSIB stands for Workplace Safety – Insurance Board, formerly known as the Workers Compensation Board. WSIB is a government agency in Ontario. If you are injured in the workplace or have questions or concerns, please use the following contacts: Equity Representative and Women`s Advocate is a specially trained worker who supports members on issues such as workplace harassment, intimate violence and abuse. The lawyer is not a counsellor, but assists members who have access to community resources and employment. The role of the benefit plan representative is to support members in matters of old age pension, insurance, supplementary unemployment benefits, secondment and automatic short-term benefits. The EFAP office`s goal is to help employees or their families find the support they need to deal with addiction, mental health or other personal issues. Although this is not a technical crisis service, we strive to answer a call or respond quickly to an email.