Cloud Software Agreement

c) uncovered training. Your purchase and our training offer are subject to our training conditions, which constitute a separate agreement. 20. Third-party code. The software contains code and libraries that are granted to us by third parties, including open source software. Other provisions regarding the use of third-party codes in third-party code can be made in Atlassian products. Our standard agreements and conditions and Premium SaaS include SLAs for availability and support. If you are a data processor, you and your processor are required under the RGPD to enter into a written agreement on how you handle personal data. This written agreement must be in line with the specific, often cumbersome, requirements of Article 28 of the RGPD. 1.2. Cloud products. This agreement does not apply to cloud-hosted or cloud-based Atlassian solutions (currently known as „cloud“) whose use requires a separate agreement with Atlassian.

The provider may also be required to provide support services and ensure that it meets certain software maintenance requirements (z.B. termination requirements). A saaS or cloud-services agreement should include data processing clauses that meet these requirements. All of our SaaS agreements, SaaS terms and conditions of service contain appropriate clauses. 3.3. Development of Cisco technology. Cisco may: (a) improve or refine a cloud service, although Cisco does not significantly reduce the basic functionality of this cloud service, except as provided in this section; and (b) to perform the planned maintenance of the infrastructure and software used to provide a cloud service during this period, this cloud service may be discontinued. Whenever this is reasonably feasible, Cisco will notify you in advance of this maintenance. You acknowledge that Cisco must perform emergency maintenance from time to time without informing you in advance, during which Cisco may temporarily suspend access to and use of cloud service.

3.6. Open source software. Open source software that is not owned by Cisco is subject to separate licensing conditions, as defined in Current open source software licenses do not significantly affect or affect your ability to exercise usage rights in current Cisco technology. 2.1. Account registration. You must sign up for an account with us in order to place orders, access or obtain software. Your registration information must be correct, up-to-date and complete. You must keep your registration up to date so that we can send you communications, bank statements and other information via email or through your account. You are responsible for all actions taken through your account, including apps or activated (which can be paid for). If you order software through a reseller (defined in section 7.8), you are solely responsible (i) for any access the reseller has to your account and (ii) any rights or obligations associated with your agreement with the dealer.

22.5. Full agreement. This agreement is the full agreement between you and Atlassian regarding the software and replaces all prior or simultaneous, oral or written communications, suggestions and assurances between you and Atlassian regarding the software or any other matter that falls under this Agreement.