Gnwt Collective Agreements

Other changes to the collective agreement include an increase of $450 in the basic dollar amount used to calculate northern livelihoods for teachers. The government has now received Ready`s report and says it will form with the Northern Workers Union to „discuss the implementation of the new collective agreement.“ Stewart also said the government would check how negotiations failed to improve their process in two years – the next time the collective agreement is under discussion. After years of dispute that nearly led to a general strike in February, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the union, which represents about 4,000 employees, have a new collective agreement. „Negotiating a new collective agreement can be difficult under ideal conditions. The current fiscal and economic environment has been an additional challenge,“ Finance Minister Robert C. McLeod said in the communication. Employees receive a lump sum payment to reflect the 2018 pay increase, although Stewart said the government would always determine how much each employee would receive and when he would receive it. Requirement to establish the National Standard for Psychological Health in the Workplace. A collective agreement has been reached between the Northern Workers Union (UNW) and the Government of the Northwest Territories. This agreement enters into force from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021. Changes to redundancy provisions, including a Memorandum of Understanding on „voluntary separation,“ allowing workers to opt for other options, such as early retirement. B, when their posts are deleted or transferred to another Community.

„It`s wonderful to see a fair deal that provides stability and security during perhaps the most difficult school year of our teaching career,“ said Education Minister RJ Simpson. Monday`s announcement formalizes a tentative agreement reached in June of this year. The new agreement will apply until July 31, 2021, the two sides said in a joint press release. The transformation of long-term workers into indeterminate twigs after two years in the same job „in most cases“. COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN The Union Of Northern Workers AND The Minister Responsible for The Public Service Act. „I would like to thank Vince Ready for his work in resolving outstanding issues.“ In the meantime, the agreement calls for a commitment by both sides to „a common intention to prioritize and respect indigenous and indigenous culture throughout the NWT.“ The agreement also provides for the obligation to modernize the approach to professional development. Three days of paid leave for workers experiencing domestic violence. The memo also stated that a meeting of members would be held in the „coming weeks“ to discuss the agreement. „We are pleased with the recommendations,“ said David Stewart, the country`s deputy finance minister.

„He made the right decisions…