Graphic Design Subcontractor Agreement

18.1 The right of the parties to terminate, revoke or agree to amendments, amendments, waivers or recant declarations under this Agreement must not be subject to the approval of a person who is not a party to this Agreement. There are two things that have the perfect logo for your business and the design of one thing in common: 1) both parties need each other, and 2) both benefit from a graphic design contract. This independent graphic design contract contains the following delivery elements: Your lawyer may not like this contract, but statistics show how popular it is with web designers! Cost: Do you pay all expenses related to the graphic design project? Inform the customer of the expenses for which they are responsible. Stock photos, parking for meetings, travel for meetings, sound effects, etc. Remember that a graphic design contract should not frighten you or your customers. Instead, you should rest, because you know what your responsibility is. 18.2 This agreement is in favour of the parties and is not intended to appeal to or enforce another person. Other provisions are the „Design Tools“ clause and the „Kill Fee.“ The first allows you to retain the full rights to code or font snippets that you integrate into several projects. At the end of a project, you will probably assign ownership of your work to the client, but these tools will be allowed separately so you can recycle it. They simply give the customer the right to continue using the tools. Kill`s tax is a designer`s best friend: If the client abandons the project after already starting work, you must receive a percentage or at least a fixed cancellation fine. 8.1 This agreement does not exclude or limit the liability of one of the parties: (a) that another party commits a substantial breach of its obligations under this Agreement, which will not be corrected (if it can be remedied) within 14 days of the written notification indicating and terminating the infringement; or the tips mentioned above are just a simple starting point to match a contract for your specific needs as a designer and talk to a lawyer.