Practical Law End User Licence Agreement

The administration settings allow you to fully control your licenses, data, themes and features that your business has access to. If you want to connect to a document management system, do so here. Allow internal users to enter into self-service contracts that eliminate the legal bottleneck with pre-approved standard contracts and sophisticated licensing procedures. Complete your document management process by connecting your iManage Work 10, a powerful document management system, to your Contract Express instance. The software features a patented model automation tool for MS Word which, unlike all other document automation products, includes the definitive marking rating of lawyers. This allows lawyers to automate and update the most complex legal documents without the need for an IT specialist or programmer. The precision and speed gained through this innovative technology give your legal team the ability to automate routine work and time, to focus on high quality work. Extended reporting functions will help demonstrate the value the legal team offers to the company. With the analysis dashboard, you get an overview of your productivity in document management and create more detailed reports to demonstrate your company`s effectiveness and use it to understand ROI. Follow all your documents This is a list of all the documents your company is working on, with a relevant „red light“ that will tell you where it is in the process.

You can create custom filters to easily find the specific documents you need. Offers first-rate integration into your organization`s business systems such as document management, electronic signature, customer collaboration, billing and accounting systems. Contract Express offers a customizable dashboard that uses its first mobile design. Accessed more than 300 ready-to-use automated models via Contract Express and your convenient subscription to the law. These models are industry standards and can be used as they are, or you can adapt them to your business. Our easy-to-use document questionnaires often reduce writing time from hour to minute. See Preview of how your changes are reflected in real time in the document. Thomson Reuters Contract Express – The History of Internal Law Our firm clients use contract Express document automation to attract new customers, retain important customers and increase partner profits through the development of innovative online customer services. In addition to the innovative applications described below, law firms are using Contract Express to increase internal efficiency and monetize KM more than ever before.

Recognize the final legal rating of lawyers with Contract Express Author. Sync your Contract Express documents with NetDocuments and get a document management process that`s optimized and more efficient over time. Improve your client`s use of document automation with HighQ, a widely used tool for customer collaboration that now connects to Contract Express. Thomson Reuters recently took over HighQ and works closely with both products. Test today a questionnaire for contract Express documents for a software license agreement, and see how easy it is to create a great first draft contract in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This link leads you directly to the questionnaire and is completely free. If you are an in-house lawyer or work for a company, please visit our Contract Express for the in-house page Our corporate clients use Contract Express document automation to improve efficiency, reduce risk and strengthen their colleagues by offering a self-service contract when needed. Contract Express accelerates the end-to-end contractual lifecycle by safely streamlining the contracting and approval process.