Telus Health Provider Agreement

By partnering with leading technology companies, we are simplifying the claims process and increasing the visibility of firms to enable eClaim providers to grow their business and improve the patient experience. Click here to see our partners. A pharmacy supplier number should be used to submit transactions exclusively in the Public Health Care Plan (PSHCP). The other pharmacy supplier number must be used for the submission of all regular transactions (non-PSHCP). TELUS Health assigns a vendor number to each pharmacy that wishes to submit electronic transactions for payment. Several factors are taken into account before an institution is recognized. A pharmacy looking for a supplier number must meet the following criteria: „organization provider“ refers to a clinic, hospital, optical provider or health facility that could employ multiple health professionals in which these professionals charge for services on behalf of an organization. Upon receipt of your vendor numbers, please contact your pharmacy software provider and request that they be programmed into your pharmacy system. After the agreement is reached, TELUS Health will send the pharmacy a welcome package containing all the necessary information before it comes into force (November 1, 2010). If the pharmacy does not listen to TELUS Health before it comes into effect, call the TELUS Pharmaceutical Health Centre at 1-800-668-1608. This means that if you make specific links with other direct payment networks, you will have to commit to paying the same fee for TELUS Health Insurance cardholders™. We follow the same rules as your competitors. Our connected insurers must be given the same prices as those you charge our competitors.

(Note: this does not prevent you from signing preferential supplier agreements with specific employers or groups in the sector.) The TELUS Health eClaims solution allows health care providers (including physiotherapists, chiropractors, visual help providers, as well as acupuncturists, registered massage therapists, naturopathic physicians and others) to submit online claims for an ongoing electronic experience on behalf of patients. We recommend that pharmacies file the application at least one week before it comes into effect (November 1, 2010) to allow TELUS Health Solutions sufficient time to register the pharmacy and obtain the new PSHCP operator number. The BC Pharmacy Association is hosting a live webinar on Telus Health`s new supplier contract (Note: Only selected pharmacies have been equipped with the new agreement). Join our guest speaker Jason Kennedy, RPh, Director, Health Business Consulting at TELUS, while explaining the reason for the new agreement, giving an overview of some of the changes to the new agreement and answering some frequently asked questions. THIS ACCORD between TELUS Health Solutions Inc. („TELUS“) and the signed WSIB provider, organization provider, associated supplier or independent provider (depending on the case and the definition of these conditions below and in the registration process) of health care and supplies (the „provider“). The term „you“ refers to the person or entity that uses or receives the services. Independent health care providers with more than a service license and multi-site organizations should contact us directly.

Today, nearly 15,000 allied health care providers already offer the service. The provider manages a bank account (an „authorized account“) with its financial institution („member of the processing“). The provider authorizes TELUS to share vendor information with payers who are TELUS customers with respect to services. The Supplier heresafter states that, under its agreement on the authorized account with its processing member, it has the power to authorize TELUS to validate the account authorized by TELUS by paying a random amount between $0.01 (one cent) and $0.99 (99 cents) and then reverses the deposit for the corresponding amount.