Tuberculosis Agreement

This is the most important step you can take to protect yourself and others from TB. If you stop treatment prematurely or skip doses, TB bacteria have a chance to develop mutations that allow them to survive the most powerful TB drugs. The resulting drug-resistant strains are much more lethal and difficult to treat. Marco de referencia: Desde el 2011, en los consultorios de atenno de la tuberculosis (TB) de la ciudad de Ho Chi Minh, los datos del registro de tuberculosis en papel se estén ingresando en un formato informtéto denominado VITIMES (por Viet Nam TB Information Management Electronic System). In the actualidad se utilizan ambos sistemas en paralelo. Although TB is contagious, it is not easy to catch. You are much more likely to get TB from someone you live with or work with than from a stranger. Most people with active TB, who have received appropriate drug treatment for at least two weeks, are no longer contagious. Vietnam ranks 15th out of 20 TB-intensive countries (WHO) in absolute numbers of cases defined by the World Health Organization.1 The estimated incidence of TB (including patients with HIV-positive TB) was 137 per 100,000 population in 2015.

The incidence of tuberculosis and CO-infection with HIV has been estimated at 5.9/100,000 and HIV prevalence among TB patients at 4.3%.1 Ho Chi Minh Province (HCMC) has the highest number of TB and HIV cases in Vietnam. In 2015, HCMC reported 16,219 cases of tuberculosis, or 16% of the national TB burden, and 49,561 cases of HIV, or 22% of the total number of people with HIV/AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) in Vietnam. Periodic audits of VITIMES data at the district level are needed to ensure that the data is complete, consistent and up-to-date. Due to the persistent nature of TB treatment, health care providers should ask patients about changes in HIV status and access to services during follow-up visits to ensure appropriate TB and HIV care. Compliance with national data entry guidelines by district staff is essential to ensure timely data uptime and recovery.