Ucop Agreement

For more information on UC-managed agreements and collaboration with the UCSC campus, please contact ITS Software. The purchase of these new agreements has considerable benefits for UC organizations: the legal documents and forms below are the most up-to-date versions of the commercial terms and other legal forms of UC that may be required in agreements negotiated with the University of California. The UC Office of the President (UCOP) has introduced a series of Indirect Cost Recovery Rates (IDCs) on california state funding, which is gradually increasing from 25% to 40% over 4.5 years. These rates are applied on an MTDC (modified Total Direct Cost) basis (as defined in the collective agreement negotiated by the Confederation for each UC campus). See UCOP Guidance Memo 17-07 (RPAC-17-07) for IDC Recovery Advice for Awards from California State Authorities. Procurement services offer UC-wide agreements that reflect reduced prices for IT infrastructure products in five categories: routers and switches, wireless, firewalls, servers and memory. These rebates allow UC to obtain an expected financial benefit of $16 million per year, up to five years. The more departments use these agreements for their IT infrastructure spending, the greater the overall benefits to LAUC. www.ucop.edu/procurement-services/_files/training/contract-repository-qrg.pdf support and communication with UCOP regarding the software used by UC and possible new software agreements will be facilitated by itsc – ITSC – IT Sourcing Committee and SSG Software Services Group (formally TAS). ITSC – SSG is made up of representatives appointed by each UC institution.

Efforts and initiatives are comprehensive and collaborative and coordinated with their constituents and peers throughout the UC system. Please note that personal use of UCOP electronic accounts (for example. B John.Doe@ucop.edu) is authorised by the UC`s Electronic Communications Directive. Non-personal UCOP email accounts used by services (e.g. B deptname@ucop.edu) or functions (for example. B assistant@ucop.edu) should not be used for unofficial or unauthorized purposes. The UC Office of the President manages several university software and hardware agreements to maximize savings. Most U.S. government funds are processed through the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO). However, AB20 also regulates commercial campus contracts with the state. Therefore, if the university provides non-research-related services to a California state agency and does not produce original works or publications, the Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection (BCBP) will process these agreements. All questions relating to the procedures and processes necessary for the conclusion of commercial contracts in the State of California should be directed to BCBP.

The table below shows the products on offer, whether they are sold by the manufacturer or by a retailer. Contract numbers are available in a list of computer agreements that are only available to UC employees on one request. To make purchases with the agreements: new employees must sign the form if they are hired. The original copy of the signed form is stored in the department`s personal files. In addition, new employees must accept an electronic version of the form before accessing their UCOP computer for the first time.