Vehicle Sale Agreement Kerala English

Contracting parties may include the compromise clause in this agreement. As part of the arbitration process, any dispute, if any arises between the parties, is referred to a third party („arbitrator“) who is designated with each other by both parties. The arbitrator will hear from both parties and decide on the merits of the case. The arbitrator`s decision is final and binding on both parties. The auction of the number of vehicles will soon be conducted online. This avoids any form of compromise between bidders. Bidders do not see each other and do not know who will all participate in the auction. NGOs could also participate in the auction. If the electronic auction takes effect, the number of bids will be more transparent.

Bidders do not have to go to the office auction. Transport Commissioner Padmakumar said it was more suitable for end-users. Thiruvananthapuram: The offices of the automotive department (MVD) will soon switch to the new „Vahan“ software of the Ministry of Road Traffic and Highways to register vehicles. Under this new amendment, the renewal of the registration of used vehicles is the responsibility of the seller. Currently, that`s what the buyer does. The vehicle sales contract helps avoid litigation over the sale of the vehicle in the future. Important details about the vehicle can be included in this agreement. Documents necessary for the transfer of ownership in the event of a sale Formalities are completed after the handing over of this number.

This new system would help to avoid vehicle registration or change of ownership without the owner`s knowledge. The buyer receives the registration certificate in the mail. Vehicle documents are provided by online system to the car department office to which the buyer belongs. A One Time (OTP) password is sent to the buyer`s mobile phone number if the app is accepted. Click on the links to download the vehicle sales forms. 4-That the buyer in question be transferred on his behalf as soon as possible and bear all the costs that result if the buyer does not change the ownership of the vehicle, the registration remains the responsibility of the previous owner. If a vehicle is uninsured and coincides with an accident or is used for criminal activity, the previous owner would be held responsible for the offence. 1- That I sold my vehicle, that is to say – with its registration number. Chassis No_____and engine no ` Model ` District`s son `2- That I received the full and final examination of the above vehicle from the buyer above. 3- That I have today, that is, the _____at – the physical possession/delivery of this vehicle to the buyer quoted. 6- That I have no objection to the vehicle being transferred in the name of the purchaser in question.

The owner may submit the registration file of the vehicle for sale to the office of the automotive division concerned. The application must be submitted with Aadhar details and the buyer`s phone number.