Vigilance Agreement

6.8 Notification of all Customer claims regarding consecutive or indirect losses, damages or losses is addressed in writing to the vigil indicated at the helm of this contract within 7 days of the discovery of loss, injury or loss or loss or loss of any like-for-like or indirect loss, and, in the event of a delay in that period, , this application is not detained. The scope is the key to laying the groundwork for the rest of the agreement. Within the scope, it is possible to define both the products covered by the VPA and the areas. However, it may be easier to include this information in an annex of the agreement when the products or territories covered are large and can often be modified. Another area that could be included in the scope is the definition of the role of each party. An example could be the confirmation of which party the MAH and who is the distributor? Are the parties both MAHs, but in different areas? Or is the distributor also the local MAH? This information will help the reader understand the requirements of each party. Another point for inclusion in this section could be the language in which information should be exchanged. This is important because partner companies could have offices in countries that speak different languages. So you have to choose a common language.

It is also necessary to take into account the part that transmits the information to the regulatory authorities and the language applied by the regulators in an area. 6.5 Vigilance is responsible regardless of loss, injury or injury or loss of consecutive or indirect; who allow themselves to perform or not perform an obligation that Vigilance or his staff must fulfill at the client`s express request (if any consequential damage or injury or loss or indirect loss is due to the negligence of vigilance or their servants or enforcement assistants, or for any other reason, unless Vigilance has agreed in writing to fulfill this foreign obligation and the written agreement is signed by a director or an administrator of Vigilance.