Wage Agreement X

„41. In English law, a „but for sex“ test has been developed, which means that women should not be treated less favourably when it is a gender-based criterion and that women are not deliberately selected for less favourable treatment because of their gender. It is on this „but-for-sex“ test, it seems in the Case of Nergesh Meerza the bank of three judges of the Court did not find the lower retirement age of flight obligations of flight attendants as discrimination solely on the basis of sex. She found that the men and women crew members were different managers, with different intervention conditions. The Services Regulation, which is based on the agreements and the airline retirement age scheme, has not been repealed. „24. Marriage is often regarded as one of the fundamental civil rights of man and woman, which is freely organized by the parties and which, once concluded, recognizes the parties as husband and wife. Three elements of common law marriage are (1) the agreement to be married (2) as husband and wife, (3) to announce to the public that they are married. The sharing of a common household and the obligation to live together are part of the Omnis Vitae consortium, which obliges married spouses to live together, to grant each other appropriate privileges and marital rights, and to be honest and faithful to each other. One of the main unalterable consequences of marriage is mutual assistance and responsibility for maintaining the common budget, in solidarity. Marriage is an institution that has great legal importance and various obligations and obligations arise from the marital relationship, such as the law, on the issue of inheritance of property, ship estate, etc. Marriage therefore involves legal requirements for formality, publicity, exclusivity and all the legal consequences arising from that relationship.

(9) Other: Shri K.K. Shrivastava, Qualified Advisor to respondents would claim that NCWA-IX is signed on 31.01.2012 and is in service, and the same is true for all employees working in the eight coal India Limited subsidiaries, since the signatories to the agreement are representatives of unions affiliated with the Central Trade Organization, and all coal industry employees are members of these five unions in the coal industry.