What Is A Cooperative Agreement Usaid

(1 MB) Infographic: What is a cooperation agreement? There are no deliverable cooperation agreements based on milestones (i.e. simplified type or FAA). Leader with Associate (LWA) awards can be cooperation agreements if necessary. I`ll remember that. The element of essential participation that is authorized for any cooperation agreement is described in the act of attribution. AO can delegate responsibility for essential participation elements to AOR. What are the characteristics of cooperation agreements? The agency`s policy defines significant participation, with USAID significantly involved in the management of a cooperation agreement to help the recipient achieve the goals of the agreement. USAID policy provides for four general areas in which substantial participation is permitted: do you know that the cost of training is covered by your grant or cooperation agreement? An FAA is a grant agreement under which USAID provides specific assistance and for which the payment is based on achieving milestones relative to the recipient`s actual cost. This type of allocation reduces some of the administrative and registration requirements for both the recipient and USAID.

Responsibility is primarily based on performance and results. It is important that the scope of the program is specific and that appropriate cost, perish or pricing data are available to establish an FAA with the certainty that the recipient is not achieving an increase above the actual costs. USAID should assign an FAA when program performance and results can be easily quantified in benchmarks or outcomes. Whether you`re new to the USAID program or have years of experience in the program, this highly participatory workshop shows you how to apply the rules to benefit your project, your collaborators and your organization. Our experienced moderators guide you step by step through the regulations and show you how to interpret key concepts in administrative requirements, cost principles and standard rules. You return to your project to find answers to questions about your price, from „laptops are allowed“ to „Does my international trip need prior authorization“ to „How do I take care of a vehicle?“ In addition to maintaining donor compliance, you will also learn how to build close working relationships with USAID and develop strategies for successful management of your grant or cooperation agreement.